Sass and Traz Save The Library

TitleSass and Traz Save The Library

Author: Michelle Worthington

Illustrator: Naomi Greaves

Publisher: Daisy Lane Publishing

Publication date: October 2021

Additional notable information:  This review is part of a Books on Tour campaign

Sass and Traz Save The Library by Michelle Worthington, with illustrations by Naomi Greaves and published by Daisy Lane Publishing is a frolicking adventure that made my younger daughter laugh out loud. It is a story about the power and beauty of a library, the strength that comes from working together and the magic of stories. In this delightful story, twins, Sassafras and Alcatraz, adore their local library and their devoted school librarian, Ms Burns. When they learn that the Mayor has met with Ms Burns to announce the library will be demolished, to make way for a carpark, the twins spring into action. They are prepared to fight for the library and help Ms Burns keep her job. They appreciate the value of the library, as a place of refuge and a place where Ms Burns shares books and stories that take up little pieces of their hearts. The library is a unique and vital part of their community. They are devastated to hear the news from the Mayor.

Ms Burns feels as though the decision has been made. With utter disappointment and a heavy heart she begins boxing up all of the books. Sass and Traz help her. It is when Sass is in the basement of the library that she stumbles across something quite magical. Sass discovers an old catalogue system which has drawers containing library cards classifying all the books according to their Dewey Decimal Number. By placing her hand on this catalogue and mentioning characters that could potentially save the library, Sass brings them to life. Such is the magic of a library, a place where stories and books come to life, in this case literally!

The challenge then becomes determining who and which cast of characters can work together to help save their beloved library.

My daughter who read this story with me has dyslexia. The fact that this book has 83 pages made it feel manageable to her, she eagerly approached this book without feeling overwhelmed. Once she started reading, she found it to be a humourous page turner. She felt a sense of accomplishment as she was whizzing through the short and entertaining chapters. We delighted in the diverse characters, with endearing personalities, that came to life. There are fearless, adventurous pirates, chivalrous knights, the scientist and inventor Einstein and petite dinosaurs that seemed to take a liking to the Mayor.

This is the first book in what will be a series. We are looking forward to discovering what other bookish adventures unfold for Sass, Traz and Ms Burns.

Thank you Books on Tour and Daisy Lane Publishing for the opportunity to review this book and introduce us to a series we are excited to read.

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