The Apprentice Witnesser

Title: The Apprentice Witnesser Author and illustrator: Bren MacDibble Publisher: Allen and Unwin Publication date: April 2024 Themes: Power of human connection, family (whether it be biological or not), love, courage, loyalty, sacrifice, survival, the impossible decisions and consequences borne from a deep love, forgiveness and healing. A comprehensive teaching resource can be downloaded from the Allen […]

A Small Collection of Happiness

Title: A Small Collection of Happiness Author: Zana Fraillon With illustrations by: Stephen Michael King Publisher: Hachette Publication date: May 2024 Themes: Happiness, hope, true friendship, community, connection, the power of treasured memories and story. Comprehensive Teachers Resources are available to download on the Hachette Australia website here By chance, an older woman ends up living in […]

Desert Jungle

Desert Jungle by esteemed picture book author and artist, Jeannie Baker, is a stunning celebration of a misunderstood desert landscape, rich in diversity as well as a powerful call to action to connect with and protect desert habitats. This story is set in the Sonoran Desert and in the author’s note, Jeannie mentions that “recent […]


Title: Satin Author: Sophie Masson Illustrator: Lorena Carrington Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing Publication date: March 2023 Teacher Notes: Available on the MidnightSun Publishing website here Satin by Sophie Masson, illustrated by Lorena Carrington and published by MidnightSun publishing is highly intriguing, meaningful, sophisticated and a remarkably unique picture book for upper primary school students. It is imbued […]


Noticing by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Elise Hurst is a stunning companion book to their earlier title, Trying. In a similar vein to Trying, their newest book follows a young girl and an older woman who serves as a mentor. This older woman is a painter and a keen, dedicated observer of the world, […]