The Lucky Shack

The Lucky Shack by debut creators Apsara Baldovino and illustrated by Jennifer Falkner shares the thoughts, feelings, changing seasons and lifecycle of a quaint cosy shack on the foreshore through the voice, eyes and heart of the shack. Nestled in a prime position, this shack has appreciated postcard perfect views, been cared for by a […]

The Letterbox Tree

The Letterbox Tree by Rebecca Lim and Kate Gordon is a speculative fiction story about Tasmania under climate threat, a story that highlights how the behaviours, values and actions of today impact future generations. This tale serves as a window into a future, where Australia has been adversely affected by climate change and provides a […]

The Crown

The Crown lyrically written and atmospherically illustrated by Emily Kapff is a stirring and thought provoking story about the role humanity plays as caretakers of this earth and the impact our choices have for the future. This story is told by a young girl living in the future on a barren land filled with waste, […]

Desert Jungle

Desert Jungle by esteemed picture book author and artist, Jeannie Baker, is a stunning celebration of a misunderstood desert landscape, rich in diversity as well as a powerful call to action to connect with and protect desert habitats. This story is set in the Sonoran Desert and in the author’s note, Jeannie mentions that “recent […]

The Garden at the End of the World

Title: The Garden at the End of the World Author: Cassy Polimeni Illustrator: Briony Stewart Publisher: University of Queensland Press – UQP   Publication date: 4 April 2023 Themes: Hope, action, the Crop Trust, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Sustainable Development Goals, food security and stewardship Additional notable information: Comprehensive teachers’ notes which include a […]

Texts to Help Teach Persuasive Writing

The following collection of books could be used to help teach persuasive writing and these titles include themes relating to animals (mostly animal rights and endangered animals), the environment, sustainability and refugees. A fractured fairy tale is also included. This list is by no means exhaustive and as always I am very keen to hear […]

One Tree

One Tree by Christopher Cheng and illustrated by Bruce Whatley is an outstanding book about the power of one as well as the beauty, joy and memories that can be enjoyed in nature. This story highlights that one nurturing act can have such a tremendous ripple effect. One caring action may be far reaching and […]


Title: Egg Author:  Clare Atkins Illustrator: Harrison Vial Publisher: University of Queensland Press – UQP Publication date: 2 August 2022 Themes: Belonging,  refugees, xenophobia, discrimination, fear of the unknown, kindness, acceptance and climate change Additional notable information: Teachers’ notes can be downloaded from the UQP website here Egg by Clare Atkins and illustrated by Harrison Vial is […]

It’s Up to Us: A Children’s Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet

It’s Up to Us: A Children’s Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet by Christopher Lloyd, foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales with illustrations by 33 illustrators from around the world. This is a powerful, thought-provoking non-fiction book featuring a story of hope and activism and is “based on the Terra Carta – a […]

Looking After Country with Fire: Aboriginal burning knowledge with Uncle Kuu

Looking After Country with Fire: Aboriginal burning knowledge with Uncle Kuu by Victor Steffensen and illustrated by Sandra Steffensen is a picture book that educates young readers about the use of First Nations fire practices to manage the land. In this story, Uncle Kuu spends time with children in the bush to observe what is […]