The Letterbox Tree

The Letterbox Tree by Rebecca Lim and Kate Gordon is a speculative fiction story about Tasmania under climate threat, a story that highlights how the behaviours, values and actions of today impact future generations. This tale serves as a window into a future, where Australia has been adversely affected by climate change and provides a […]

The Crown

The Crown lyrically written and atmospherically illustrated by Emily Kapff is a stirring and thought provoking story about the role humanity plays as caretakers of this earth and the impact our choices have for the future. This story is told by a young girl living in the future on a barren land filled with waste, […]

The Tree and the River

From the publisher: “from a master of the wordless form comes an epic reimagining of human civilisation. This time-lapse is a meditation on the relationship between two mighty forces: nature and humankind”. Wordless picture book, The Tree and the River by Aaron Becker follows the human impact and impermanence of an area of land throughout […]


Berani by Michelle Kadarusman and published by Allen and Unwin is an incredibly moving and inspiring eco-fiction title, recommended for readers 8-12 years. This story is set in Indonesia and is about two courageous children who are driven to release Ginger Juice, an orangutan held in captivity at Warung Malang restaurant. The commitment and the […]