Then and Now

Powerful, thought provoking and shared through the lens of the commonalities we all share rather than the differences, Then and Now by Datsun Tran and published by Slingshot books is a personal story that humanises the refugee experience. This is a unique book, one where the sparse text and evocative illustrations imbued with symbolism, highlight […]

You Don’t Know What War Is: The diary of a young girl from Ukraine

You Don’t Know What War Is: The diary of a young girl from Ukraine written by twelve-year-old Yeva Skalietska, living in Kharviv when she was jolted awake on February 24, 2022 to the horrifying sound and sight of an explosion. This is Yeva’s gripping firsthand account of her days (up to Day 67, May 1, […]

Texts to Help Teach Persuasive Writing

The following collection of books could be used to help teach persuasive writing and these titles include themes relating to animals (mostly animal rights and endangered animals), the environment, sustainability and refugees. A fractured fairy tale is also included. This list is by no means exhaustive and as always I am very keen to hear […]

The Tantrum That Saved the World

The Tantrum That Saved the World co-authored by Megan Herbert and Professor Michael E. Mann and illustrated by Megan Herbert, is a timely book that would make an invaluable addition to any library collection about climate change, activism and hope. This empowering and highly engaging solution focussed story, written for readers 5-9 years, in rhyming […]


Title: Egg Author:  Clare Atkins Illustrator: Harrison Vial Publisher: University of Queensland Press – UQP Publication date: 2 August 2022 Themes: Belonging,  refugees, xenophobia, discrimination, fear of the unknown, kindness, acceptance and climate change Additional notable information: Teachers’ notes can be downloaded from the UQP website here Egg by Clare Atkins and illustrated by Harrison Vial is […]

Books about Refugees – Collection 2

To see collection 1 containing books and digital stories about refugees click here. Hearing stories about refugees allows children to learn about the reasons why people make the agonising choice to flee their countries and put themselves in life threatening situations in a desperate attempt to seek safety. These stories are gateways to important conversations, […]

Saving the Butterfly

Saving the Butterfly by Helen Cooper and illustrated by Gill Smith sensitively explores, through the eyes of two children, the different responses and emotions refugee children may experience as well as the trauma and barriers they endure when seeking safety in their new homeland. In this picture book a brother and sister are the only […]


Refugees by Brian Bilston and illustrated by José Sanabria is a  picture book containing Brian Bilston’s powerful poem, titled, ‘Refugees’, which can be read from top to bottom and then read backwards,  from the last line to the top of the poem to convey two opposing points of view about refugees. It contains two voices. […]

A Grain of Hope

’A Grain of Hope’ by Nicola Philp and illustrated by Aldy Aguirre is an important story about asylum seekers and detention in Australia. Nicola Philp’s inspiration to write this story was driven by several influences including her penpal on Manus Island. Another motivation for writing this story was in response to a comment Nicola heard […]

Mina and the Whole Wide World – New Release Book from University of Queensland Press (UQP)

Title: Mina and the Whole Wide World Author: Sherryl Clark With art by: Briony Stewart Publisher: University of Queensland Press – UQP Publication date: July 2, 2021 Themes: Refugees, acceptance, friendship, humanity, courage, belonging, poetry Additional notable information: Teachers’ Notes can be downloaded from the UQP website. Mina and the Whole Wide World by Sherryl […]