Books about Refugees – Collection 2

To see collection 1 containing books and digital stories about refugees click here. Hearing stories about refugees allows children to learn about the reasons why people make the agonising choice to flee their countries and put themselves in life threatening situations in a desperate attempt to seek safety. These stories are gateways to important conversations, […]

Saving the Butterfly

Saving the Butterfly by Helen Cooper and illustrated by Gill Smith sensitively explores, through the eyes of two children, the different responses and emotions refugee children may experience as well as the trauma and barriers they endure when seeking safety in their new homeland. In this picture book a brother and sister are the only […]


Refugees by Brian Bilston and illustrated by José Sanabria is a  picture book containing Brian Bilston’s powerful poem, titled, ‘Refugees’, which can be read from top to bottom and then read backwards,  from the last line to the top of the poem to convey two opposing points of view about refugees. It contains two voices. […]