TitleThe Christmas Door

Author: Penny Macoun

Illustrator: Paul Nash

Publisher:  Penelope Jill Macoun. This is a self-published book.

Publication date: October 4, 2022

Additional notable information: Learn more about Penny Macoun via her website and Penny’s books (which are available for purchase on her website) here

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The Christmas Door by Penny Macoun and illustrated by Paul Nash is a delightful poem that deftly captures the pure magic of Christmas and was inspired by the classic poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore.

This poem is set on Christmas Eve in a home that is at its festive twinkly finest when suddenly and mysteriously an old oak door appears on the floor in the living room. The door, a symbol for possibilities, opportunities, and intrigue has a father and daughter’s mind swirling with imaginings and wonderings.  After an unsuccessful attempt by her father to open the door, the girl acts on her unbridled curiosity. When she grasps the door, it dramatically swings open with a flood of light illuminating their living room. As a reader, you can’t help but question what, or who, lies beneath the door.

All is revealed as a herd of reindeers hurtle through the open door. The girl and father work together to help them out of their home and into their backyard. Captivated and in awe, the girl and her father are mesmerised by what has unfolded. The door delivers more magic in the form a gigantic red sack and Santa himself who shares a memorable moment and exchange with the young girl. The Christmas magic continues as Santa launches across the skies from the girl’s backyard with a sleigh full of presents. Santa departs with wise words about the real magic of Christmas.

This joyous poem shares a beautiful message about experiencing Christmas joy and how to gift this to others at Christmas time and throughout the year.

The bright and lively illustrations capture the awe and wonder that abounds at Christmas time.

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