Scar Town by Tristan Bancks is a gripping, fast paced thrilling read full of action, mystery and suspense that had me on the edge of my seat till the very last line with a conclusion that will shock the reader, one you never see coming. This story is set in Scarborough, a town of mystery and intrigue, where nine people have mysteriously vanished. It is here, three friends are enticed to explore a house that juts out from the lake. When thirteen-year-old twins, J (short for Juno) and Dar, together with their twelve-year-old friend, Will, enter this submerged house where they discover a massive stash of cash and human remains. What secrets and stories can be uncovered from within these walls?

Immediately the reader is positioned to pause and reflect on the course of action they would take as J, Dar and Will discuss what they should do with the money. J vehemently believes they should keep it and supports the whole finders keepers idea, as it could be a way for her and Dar to support themselves as their alcoholic father is unable to do so. They currently live a subsistence lifestyle so this money would change everything. Will believes they should report this to the police. He can reconcile keeping it though, as it could help his Mum who is in debt and help them move away from this place that has seen such heartache for them. While they have conflicting opinions, they decide not to report this to anyone for twenty-four hours. What unfolds in these action-packed hours is life changing for the friends and transforms their lives to something almost unrecognisable. It soon becomes apparent that they are not the only ones who know about the cash and the crooks will stop at nothing to ensure the friends hand over the money.

There are questions about the bones. Will is desperate to uncover the identity of the remains as he cannot help but wonder if they might belong to his dad, a police officer who is one of the missing nine.

There are moral and ethical dilemmas that empower the reader to pause, ponder and reflect what actions they would take in the circumstances presented.

This is a riveting story about unbreakable friendship bonds, family history and secrets, betrayal and uncovering truths.

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