Title: The Plastic Throne

Author: Amani Uduman

Illustrator: Kera Bruton

Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing

Publication date: March 2021

Themes: ocean ecosystems, marine pollution, sustainability, environmental stewardship

The lively bright cover and endpapers for The Plastic Throne by Amani Uduman and Kera Bruton set the tone for a comedic, playful and rollicking adventure that follows. This story is sparked by the protagonist, Denver and his curiosity which is piqued after he uses the toilet to flush away his “parboiled broccoli”, a food he dislikes, thereby removing any evidence of its existence from his plate. Denver is then struck by inspiration as he thinks of other items he could discard because he no longer likes or uses them. He believes the toilet is the perfect place to dispose of these things. Maisy questions Denver about his actions and reminds him that waste eventually ends up in the ocean. That night, after Denver has flushed many items down the toilet, the ocean starts to rage and swell. It threatens the city. Denver takes responsibility for this dire situation where the ocean engulfs his community and sets about, with the help of Maisy, to right a wrong. The perceptive reader will delight in the whimsical details in the illustrations and spot different examples of marine life.

This book serves as a valuable resource to begin conversations and research into waste, pollution in the ocean and the effects of this, as well as the ways in which individuals can ensure they leave a small environmental footprint.

Readers will be drawn not only to the humour in the book, but also to the diversity shown throughout this story. The environmental message will also be appreciated by younger readers as they will no doubt draw the connection that their actions do have consequences and an impact on the environment. Children will feel empowered as they appreciate that they have a role to play in protecting the oceans and can act to minimise the harmful effects water pollution has on the marine plants and animals.   

After reading The Plastic Throne, consider the following:

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This book can be purchased from the MidnightSun Publishing website

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